Chaplet of the

  Precious Blood

Chaplet of the Precious Blood - Nigerian Apostolate
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The first segment of this Devotion is The Chaplet of the Precious Blood, to be recited immediately after the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It consists of Five Mysteries relating to the Five Sacred Wounds of Christ. 

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Consolation Prayers

Consolation Prayers directed at the Eternal Father and His only - begotten Son constitute the second segment of this Devotion, These prayers seek to appease the Father and the Son for the world's ingratitude, blasphemies and neglects of the Precious Blood. The Consolation prayer was dictated to the Visionary on 28th April 1997.            



During this hour in my Reparation prayers, I saw the vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging on the cross bleeding. Above, the Angels and Saints were adoring the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Then I had a voice which commanded me, thus: "Barnabas pick up your pen and write whatever you hear". I obeyed, and the.  Consolation and Adoration prayers below where dictated to me with songs for 50 minutes.



Consolation Prayers to the Agonizing Jesus Christ:


Eternal Father, when You were about to send Your only-begotten  Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, into the world with the aim of saving us and bringing a new Paradise into the world through the Most Precious Blood, out of love You said: "Whom shall I send, who will go to redeem My people?" Heavenly court was silent until Your Son answered: "Here I am, send Me Father". 

Honour and adoration be unto You, O Divine Love; praise and worship be unto Your Name, O Loving Jesus Christ. Take consolation, O Agonizing Jesus Christ. The reward You got from Your people for Your benevolence was sin. They sinned and blasphemed day and night against Your Holy Name. They fought against You and disobeyed Your commandments, etc". (see prayer book)  Immediately after the prayer, Precious Blood from the Sacred Head dropped on my head twelve times; I came back and recorded it. Though I can not remember the tune of the songs, at a later date; we were instructed to use the inspired songs composed by our Spiritual Director to fill the gaps. Our Lord said: "I am the one who inspired those songs in him". (Jesus, 28th April 1997)


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Adoration Prayers

In the third part of the Devotion, there are seven prayers which adore, glorify and make petitions to the Precious Blood. The petitions are for the entire Church, its hierarchy, the clergy and the faithful. Appeals invoking the Precious Blood are also made on behalf of unrepentant sinners, souls in Purgatory, non-Catholics, for devout souls and for aborted babies that they may all be accorded the benefits of the Precious Blood.

The Adoration and Consolation prayers were both dictated to Barnabas by Our Lord Jesus Christ on the same day and time: 28th April 1997.

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Adoration Prayers to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

Opening Prayer

Almighty and Eternal Father, the magnitude of Your love for us is reflected fully in the gift of Your only begotten Son to humanity. He is not only equal to you but one with You. we are indebted to you and it stares us in the face. 

Obviously, we cannot repay You commensurately. But we are asking for Your grace while demonstrating our willingness to love You in this adoration. We appreciate Your benevolence and solicit Your continued loving kindness in helping us put forth a more satisfying gesture of love and gratitude through a change of life for the better. May the Holy Archangel Michael, with Your hosts of Angels and Saints, join us and lead us closer to You through this adoration. We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord, Amen.


Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory Be...


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