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The Last Fight Before The Chastisement

The Last Fight Before The Chastisement

FIRST MESSAGE OF THE FIRST LESSON DATE: 14TH APRIL, 1997 TIME: 9:30 PM VENUE: PARISH CHAPEL, OLO TOPIC: THE LAST FIGHT BEFORE THE CHASTISEMENT After our usual adoration Mass, I saw in a vision Our Lord Jesus Christ coming down from the cloud, holding a sword in His Right Hand and a crucifix in the left and with His multitude of Angels. I saw the great Beast and a large number of people who were worshipping him. Suddenly, there was lightning and thunder; the whole world shook and was covered with darkness at once. Within a short-time, a bright cloud appeared, and then the Holy Face with the Crown of Thorns on the Head came out and said: “My children, this fight is the last fight before The Great Chastisement comes. Heaven as well as this earth, is waiting for the salvation, which My Father will give to the world. My children, you are in the Warfield. You are fighting the Red Army of this world, Satan, the enemy of My Death on the Cross. You are fighting also the Dragon that has sent his agents against you. Stand firm, wear all your armour, hold your sword and move out into the battlefield, fight and win the battle”. “My children, remember that you are fighting against the evil spirits in the atmospheric world, in this biospheric world and even those who are living in the hydrospheric world. Be careful how you live now, never allow them to conquer you with their secret plans. Pray often and never give up. Live a simple and humble life; and you will conquer the Red Dragon and his agents. I am with you. I fight for you. I bless you all.”
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