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TIME: 10.00PM.


During our Novena prayer with Mass, Our Lady appeared to me holding again a palm frond in Her hand. On Her side were little Cherubim, then She humbly said:

“My children, listen many whom you think that will accept this devotion will neglect it, and those whom you do not know, or whom your mind got troubled when you remember them and this devotion, will welcome it with happinesss.

My loving children, a time is coming when all of you will look disappointed; many of you will grow weaker and weaker in their devotion, at this time some of you will withdraw themselves bit by bit from this holy call till they reach zero point, this period will be the last period of trial and purification in this Holy call.

After a short period, Father will raise this holy devotion like a sun coming out in the morning from the East.

My loving children, I am praying for you that none of you will be lost during that period.

Love prayer now that there is enough grace in the world. Pray more seriously now. Endure all your sufferings and even accusing words from people during this period, My children, only those who endure to the end will get the reward of grace.

I warn you all never to allow misunderstanding to conquer you, so that satan will not come in and scatter you all.

Live as a solid leader on the hand of My Father. I promise you that no power can affect you in this form.

I am with you all, I pray for you, I bless you all.

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