7th July, 2015


Venue: My altar of Reparation Olo

In my prayer during this hour, I had the vision of a Saint who came accompanied with three little Angels. She came closer and said:

Beloveds in Christ, let the Joy of redemption fill your hearts always. You have reason to rejoice. How fortunate are the little ones who acknowledge the value of the prize of their redemption. They are the children of the everlasting covenant. Come nearer my friends and hear the message of love. Jesus sent me to speak on the merit of consecration to His Precious Blood. I am your friend and a servant of God, Jude.

Friends of Christ what does it mean to consecrate to the Blood of Christ? In the past, things are set apart to a superior being as an instrument of worship, or object of reverence. People are set apart for special mission or to serve a greater being. In all, what is set apart for something is lesser in the order of superiority to the something which a thing is set apart to. The being which receives other lesser being possesses the lesser being completely. The lesser being moves and enjoy the protection of the greater being.

Now, you are called to be consecrated to the Blood of Christ. It follows that you are called to be set apart for the Blood of Christ. All who immerse themselves in the protection of the blood of Christ in total consecration enjoys the freedom, peace and protection of the Most Precious Blood of Christ. No power can separate them from the protection of the Blood of Christ, except the wilful separation of the soul.

Dear beloved in Christ, you have a great defender, an immense shelter, a great King and a mighty warrior who is inviting you to take refuge under His protection. Come and enjoy the freedom of His love.

Set yourself apart for Him. Set your family apart for Him. Set your nation apart for Him and enjoy the freedom of His protection, of His care and of His Love. Nothing under His power will experience any harm. He has power to protect all in His care. He will defend you against your enemies, all who set themselves apart for Him. He will rule over you and become your King, and you will be His people.

Jesus said: “offer me yourselves completely and rest in me.” Let the nations of the world hear this message and rest in the peace of Christ. In the Blood of Christ is your peace, in the Blood of Christ is your rest, in the Blood of Christ is your salvation. Rest in the peace of Christ. Be sealed with the Blood of the Lamb of God – Jesus Christ. So I leave you. Bye”.

Immediately, the whole encounter passed.



8th July, 2015

Time: 3.00am

Venue: My altar of Reparation Olo

In my prayer, during the hour, I had the vision of a saint who was accompanied with two little Angels. As they were coming down, cloud covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the same saint whose garment is as white as snow. Coming closer to me, the saint said.

“Peace from heaven be with you. I am Agatha a little daughter of God. Jesus sent me to inform you that consecration is faithfulness in love. Let the house of Israel hear this message and keep their vows to the Love.

Jesus is always faithful. He loves always. His Precious Blood is a seal of His love. Be faithful to Him in Love. He will marry you in love.

This is all I have for you. Remain faithful in love, so I leave you.


Immediately the vision passed.



9th July, 2015

Time: 3.00am

Venue: My Altar of Reparation, Olo

In my prayer during this hour, I had the vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ who was hanging alive bleeding. Within some time, cloud covered the whole place. In the cloud, appeared the Holy Face of Jesus Christ who calmly said:

“Peace be with you. Let the light shine for you in this Dark Age. I am your Master, Jesus who agonises because of your sins and your unfaithfulness to my love. Today, I bring you my blessings as you end the first part of this call of prayer. Draw closer to me and offer me everything. Let my lovers consecrate to me in faithfulness and in true love. I will marry them and keep them to Myself. No enemy will harm them anymore. My mighty hand will always protect them.

Come, O children of Zion, and enjoy the freedom of My love. I bless you all who keep vigil with me in prayer; I will be near you always. I bless you all who console Me on these days of My agony, I will console you in your own days of sorrow. You will not dry up in the days of forsaken. My love will always water your heart.

I bless all petitions you have presented to me. I will give you my peace and meet you at your point of need. You will find fulfilment in me.

Children, I bless you all in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Immediately, the whole encounter passed.


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