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During our novena prayer with Mass, I saw in a vision Our Lord hanging on the Cross. Heat from the sun was severe. Sweat of Blood was continuously coming out of Our Lord’s Face.Our Lord wept bitterly, until the vision passed. Immediately, cloud covered the whole place, then appeared the Holy Face with the Crown of Thorns on His Head and He said:“My children, remember My agony always, remember all My tortures, remember all My sufferings always. Let My agony be in your heart always. My children, let not your love in Me grow weak. Today I will bless you in a great way, and let you worship Me with all your heart.My children, I will keep silent for a long time, I will not give you any message from now. But I will speak to you in times of need. I will advise you in times of confusion. Before the month of July, I will tell you what to do and the way you will do it.My children, go back and study all My messages, I have spoken all I have to you. Live according to My advice; show constant love to Me. I will not leave you alone. I am with you. I will speak to the world in the month of July. Prepare for it.My children, I allowed My heavenly Angels to teach you these prayers. The Reparation Prayer to My Precious Blood was taught to My Priest as a privilege to you and the whole world. Today, I sent the Angels to you in order to reveal the Consolation and Adoration Prayers to you. My children, these prayers are so dear to Me, I love the adoration much, console Me with it, and make it known to the world.My children, remember all My orders. Pray with these prayers. Console Me at the hour of 12 noon. I suffered greatly during this hour. I suffered the pains of nails, mockery of men, anguish and grief. Adore My Precious Blood immediately after consolation. At 3.00 pm, pray this Chaplet, do consecration to My Precious Blood and offer reparation prayer for the sins of the world.In your Gethsemane Hour, pray these prayers; pray always: say; “Precious Blood and Water from the Sacred Side of Jesus Christ; we adore Thee, save us and cleanse us. Amen.”Whenever you pray this, I will comfort you and spare your lives from the enemy. Pray, pray, pray always. Never lose hope. I am with you. Let My blessing be with you.Peace be with you, grow in love.I bless you all.”Immediately, the vision passed. Then, I saw a multitude of stars in the cloud. After that I came back to myself.


FIRST MESSAGE OF THE SECOND HOUR DATE: 8TH MAY, 1997 (ASCENSION DAY) TIME: 9.10 PM VENUE: PARISH CHAPEL, OLO In our adoration prayer with Mass, I saw in a vision Heaven opened. Our Lord Jesus Christ was holding a Cross on His Right Hand and Crown of Thorns in His Left Hand. He came down to me and said: “Peace be with you, My loving children. Today My Church is remembering My Ascension into Heaven. Rejoice with Heaven and adore the Trinity. Blessed are those who worship the Creator of Heaven and Earth. They shall dwell in His House after the great struggle of this life.Blessed are all who adore the Son who offered His Body as a living sacrifice. They will eat with Him at last in His Kingdom.Blessed are all who adore the Most Precious Blood of man’s salvation; they shall be protected by the Most Precious Blood. My children, pray all the prayers I taught you. Pray and make solemn adoration always.My children, separate yourselves fully from worldly life. Keep your minds towards the journey to Heaven. Follow the desert way. I am coming to welcome you into My Glorious Paradise. Fear not, have faith.I bless you all.”Immediately the vision passed, stars appeared. Then I woke up.


SECOND MESSAGE OF THE SECOND HOUR DATE: 22ND MAY, 1997 TIME: 9.05 PM VENUE: PARISH CHAPEL, OLO During our devotional prayer with Mass, I saw in a vision the great number of people who were chained to pillar. They were all lying down on the ground.

As I was looking, Heaven opened, I saw the Holy Face with the Crown of Thorns on His Head. Our Lord said: “My children, the month of July is coming soon. What preparation have you made? How eagerly are you waiting for the month?

Listen, My children, you should not allow problems to lead your life. Learn from My advice to you, to follow the desert way according to the Divine Will. Do not give a chance to your enemy now you have little disturbance of life. The hour is coming when a great disturbance will not allow you even to call My name. I am repeating these words to you that they will regret the minutes, hours and days those who misused or failed in this holy worship. They will pray in sorrow to get back this opportunity but the time will be over. My children, who will stop you from the blessings you received free from your God? He, who loves his salvation and the salvation of the world, will come with joy to this holy worship. They will not suffer greatly, all who follow this call till the day of its universal evangelization. My Precious Blood will save them.

Swim across the ocean of temptation; never let the waves turn you over. With all your strength overcome the devil. I have told you before, that you are stepping into the hour of darkness. Now, you are in the dark world. The Chastisement at last will come. Nothing in the world will make you happy, except My Presence in the Holy Eucharist. When My children suffer the attack of the wicked man, there will be no Eucharist in many tabernacles of the world. At that hour, you will understand My words. Many of you will still feel weak because the hour is not the hour of receiving but the hour of giving out.

My children, don’t give up, overcome all your daily trials. Adore Me always with the prayers I taught you. I bless you all. Peace be with you” Immediately, the vision passed.

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