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TIME: 9.00 PM


On the first day of the third novena, that is, the twelve-day novena, I saw in a vision the Holy Face of Jesus Christ in the cloud. He was wearing a Crown of Thorns on His Head and blood continuously flowed out. In the same cloud were little Cherubim who were praying, consoling and adoring the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

I looked up; blood from the Sacred Head spiritually dropped on my head. Then, He said to me:

“My son, listen, try much to record these words”.

Immediately, I saw my fellow devotees and a great number of people who joined in adoring the Agonizing Jesus Christ. They were surrounded by numerous Angels of God in the adoration. As we called upon the Precious Blood, blood fell on them from the Sacred Head.

Then He said:

“My children, you are welcome to this great novena let the peace from Heaven be with you.

Today, Heaven is happy to see you adoring the Most Precious Blood of your salvation. They join you in prayers. They will remain with you in this adoration. Let all men enjoy this great privilege.

Listen, My children, this great novena is not for the gossips but for My humble devotees, who remain in faith and are waiting for the return of their Master. My children this very call is not for the gossips, I say to you this call is for My patient devotees who will make known this devotion to the world.

I warn you all My people, never speak about this devotion now. Never preach it to anyone because you can’t explain it now. Even My first Apostles of this devotion cannot speak much about it, not to talk of you. Join the novena; all who fulfill this great novena will have power to preach and speak about the devotion to the world.

Children, know it today that this call is a call to holy life. The aim of this devotion is not for revelation, but to teach the world how to pray. I give these little revelations to you only to let your hearts turn to Me. I made it so that you will believe and save your lives. Heaven will give all revelations to mystics of the last age through Divine prophecy.

My children, I call all men as I called the Israelites in the past. I chose this devotion as I chose Israel My son to be great. They were weak, but I made them strong, they were few, but their number increased. They were those whom I saved from Egypt through the blood of animals. I led them many years in the desert till they reached the Promised Land after defeating many nations. In the same way, I chose this group out of the many devotions in My holy Church to be the new Israelites who will receive special favour through My Precious Blood. I say to you My Precious Blood will save. Honour it! All who devotedly call upon My Precious Blood will be saved. They will adore Me, and eat and drink in the feast of joy with Me after the great Tribulation. They will not understand these words all who live the life of the flesh. Only a spiritual man will hear these words and understand them. Pray and allow My Spirit to open your hearts so that you will understand.

My children, the greatness of this devotion will come after this coming Purification when all men, who are saved, will acknowledge the value of the Price of their salvation and adore Me. Before the great day comes, I will teach many great prayers and songs to you. I will allow My Angel to reveal and teach Heavenly prayers to you. Through these prayers the New Jerusalem will worship Me.

My children, do not come as the people of Israel came; do not refuse to hear Him speaking from Heaven, if you refuse, you will not escape. Read Heb. 12:12-29 read it now and understand the meaning. Read 1 Cor. 10:1-19, Read and meditate, then run for your lives.

This way is a desert way, all those who will follow will have faith. Keep this arena silent as from Heaven will adore Me during this hour. Keep this hour holy.

My children, anyone who falls asleep, or comes late or does not come for prayer, will not continue with this novena. My anger will chase him away. Warn them not to join this novena any more. Let My faithful ones remain. This warning is for the first devotees, to train them. It will be a lesson for the future devotees.

I have a great thing to teach you. Answer this call with joy. My Precious Blood will save.

I bless you all.”

Immediately the vision passed. A hand appeared from the cloud and touched my forehead. I woke up and recalled all the words.

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