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DATE: 21ST JULY, 1997


During our novena prayer with Mass, Consolation, Reparation and Adoration Prayers, I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ tied to the pillar. The Jewish soldiers were beating Him. They beat Him and inflicted many wounds on His Body. Our Lord wept bitterly.

Within a short time cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ with His Hands tied together and there were numerous Wounds on His Body. Blood constantly flowed from His Head crowned with thorns, and covered His Body, which was covered also with the Wounds inflicted on Him by the scourging. After some time, the cloud shook, the Holy Face appeared and said:

“Honour My Precious Blood, O My loving children, and save your souls and the whole world. Make constant devotion to My Precious Blood; you will be protected from the snares of the devil.

My children, the hour of great devotion will come. The hour will be a long period of holy living in the world. For a thousand years, the power of darkness will be chained and My Precious Blood will reign forever. The great Sacrifice offered daily at the Holy Mass would praise and lift the Throne of the Eternal Father. The Sacred Body and Blood offered daily would reign forever. Pray, pray much that you will see this great period. Practise this devotion to My Precious Blood; you will reach the happy era.

Happy are those who reach the great hour of happiness; the second death has no power over them. My children, My Blood is a great weapon. Through My Precious Blood, the heavenly armies won the great battle and chased the enemy away. Fight your enemy, the evil spirits, with My Precious Blood; you will conquer them.

My Precious Blood is the circumcision of Gentiles. Through My Precious Blood, the great salvation reached all men whether Jews or Gentiles. All were baptized into one body and spirit through My Precious Blood. My Blood is the Price of salvation. Through My Precious Blood, you were brought together as members of one family. My Precious Blood paid the debt of human slavery and made men adopted sons. You are no more slaves but sons, that is why I call you My children. I say to you, honour the Price of your Redemption.

My Blood is the hope of innocent souls, only My Precious Blood will grant mercy to the unborn innocent souls. Only My Precious Blood will save them. I say to you, baptize them with My Precious Blood.

My Precious Blood is the Mercy of the Eternal Father; through My Precious Blood, mercy was granted to humanity. Now, My Precious Blood grants mercy to the world. And even in the great hour of darkness, the hour of My Father’s wrath. My Precious Blood has power to grant mercy to humanity. Call on My Precious Blood always; it calms the anger of the Eternal Father.

Children, I say to you, love Me and console Me always; pray and teach others how to pray. Honour the Precious Blood which men neglect.

Listen, My children, expose the Blessed Sacrament for thirty minutes before you start the novena; let all of you offer petition songs to Me for ten minutes. After, look at My Holy Crucifix and meditate on My Passion. Have mercy on Me. Then, offer your private intentions to Me. Before you start the novena, invite the Holy Trinity with songs.

My children, on the 26th of this month you will write out your intentions. Write the names of unrepentant sinners in your family. I will answer you according to the Divine Will. I say to you, you will give testimony when your prayer is answered. On the last day of this novena the petitions will be burnt after the holy devotion.

Children, many slept yesterday, and they are here today. I say, you welcomed those who come late, who fell asleep in My Presence and those who did not come to pray. If you can’t listen, I will stop the novena before the end of it. I say to you, this habit displeases Heaven.

My children, it is better to welcome those who heard the information late than those who miss the novena after attending it.

Bring your Holy Bible with you tomorrow. I will teach you many things. Please My children, study these messages. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, have mercy on me. I love you.

I bless you all.”

Immediately the vision passed, the pierced Hand appeared.

Precious Blood dropped three times on me. Then I woke up and recorded the message.

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