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DATE: 3RD JULY, 2002

TIME: 8.00 PM



In our novena prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of a saint coming down from the cloud. Seven little Cherubim accompanied him. As he came nearer, he calmly said: “Little friends of God, I am happy to receive this loving call to be with you and teach you in this noisy world of yours. This is the era of science and technology, when the Spirit of solitude has disappeared from the face of the earth. I pray you will hear the voice of Heaven and grow.

I am your brother, Alphonsus. My beloved Master sent me to teach you the first level on the Trend of the Perfect Peace. As He sent me, He said, “My beloved Saint, go and teach my people to withdraw their souls from the pit of darkness and lift them up to the Throne of Light. Tell them how I long to be with their souls.” Here, I have come to you, my little friends. I have come to teach you to call your souls back to yourselves; I say that I have come to teach you to defend your souls against yourselves, against the world and against Satan.

Listen, the first level, which I have come to teach you, is called the Level of the Silence of the Mouth. I say, “Silence of the mouth.” This is the first level of the Perfect Golden Peace. The silence of the mouth is the beginning of recollection. The recollection of the spirit is the gathering of the Divine Power. Little friends, know today, that the greatest power in man is the power of his words. A purified word can turn the axis of the world and cause the stars to fall. But how can one purify one’s words to gather this power? It is through the fire of silence.

Little friends, silence is mortification and you are called to make it. Silence is a cross; you are called to carry it. Silence is a sacrifice; you are called to offer it. Silence burns like fire in the soul; you must allow it to burn out the evil in your soul. Silence is like asword; you must allow it to pierce your soul in order to reveal God’s love.

Little friend you are called to observe and to live the life of silence. I say close your month over irrelevant matters that do not build up faith. Close your mouth among the gossips after you have rebuked them for their evil ways. Absorb all the pains of accusation with love, and gently make peace.

Little friends, to be great, you must curtail your stay in the company of the world.

Learn to visit the quiet zones of the world like the desert. Stay hours in silence with nature, in the desert. I say, learn to be alone; you will possess the Divine Spirit of solitude. You will possess the greatest power on earth.

Little friends, I say again, the more you purify the words of your mouth through the fire of silence, the holier you become. Know that all men have the gift of will power to overcome the world. You have the will power over any motive that might move you to be talkative. The battle in your heart between your will to talk or to be silent is the sacrifice you are called to offer. The agony that bruises your heart is the fire of silence that purifies your words. If you conquer, you are filled with power.

Dear friends, do not join the noisy world in their evil and empty gatherings that kill the spirit. Rather, learn to posses the Spirit of solitude through the power of silence. May Jesus, who sent me, bless you and give you the grace to follow these lessons. So I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed andthen appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

“Mychildren, a solitary soul in solitude is a friend of God. That soul enjoys my greatest care and love. Learn to close your mouth in this noisy world. Do not help the world in generating more noise in the world. So I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Immediately, the vision passed.


Meditation: James 3:5-10 from Douay Rheims Bible Version says: [5] Even so the tongue is indeed a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold how small a fire kindleth a great wood.

[6] And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is placed among our members, which defileth the whole body, and inflameth the wheel of our nativity, being set on fire by hell. [7] For every nature of beasts, and of birds, and of serpents, and of the rest, is tamed, and hath been tamed, by the nature of man: [8] But the tongue no man can tame, an unquiet evil, full of deadly poison. [9] By it we bless God and the Father: and by it we curse men, who are made after the likeness of God. [10] Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.