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DATE: 26TH JULY 2002

TIME: 9.00 PM



In my prayer during his hour, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

“My son, I know your difficulties towards my call of love. So I have come to lead you to the field of Eternal Love where you can gather the fruits of true love and peace. If you follow me to this divine garden, your troubled heart, which says: ‘How can I love? What shall I do to love?’ will find answers to these worries on the Tree of Love. O! You shall gather the fruit of true love in my holy garden, which you shall eat and grow to become My giant lovers.

The garden and the lesson I am giving to you are the lessons of Perfect Beauty.

This is the Garden of Eternal Love. May the Spirit of Divine Wisdom rest on you to reveal to your true living being this mystery of the fruit of the true love I am calling all men to eat. Peace be with you.

My son, you are to know and believe that the “struggle”, or you may call it the “battle”, between the soul and the flesh, is either to make the true living being “Beautiful” or “Ugly.” The beauty of the true living being is what the angels call the “Perfect Beauty.” The opposite they call the Rotten Being or the Ugly Being. On this basis, you are to know again that the soul and the flesh are created on equal but opposite strengths. The soul has maximum power for righteousness and perfection, while the flesh has maximum power for evil and weakness. The soul is full of strength and power, whereas the flesh is full of weakness and laziness.

If the flesh draws the soul, the soul will tend towards evil and grow weak. The power for righteousness will begin to diminish. If nothing helps the soul to rise, the soul will eventually reach the zero point. At this point, all the spiritual beauty and, strength will have gone. This is the rotten stage of the soul. The angels call the being, the Rotten Being. This is true because, in such a being, diffuses the rotten smell of iniquity. Oh, no wonder why my angels stay far from such a being. His character is evil; his word is rotten; his thought is rotten as well. He gives out the rotten smell of iniquity, which scares, my angels away.

On the other hand, if the soul draws the flesh, the flesh will tend towards perfection and grow strong. The power of evil will be minimized. If the flesh continues to move towards the light of perfection from its state of original sin, his beauty will shine out. The more the flesh tends towards the light of perfection, the more the beauty of the true living being grows brighter. The tail end of perfection is Everlasting Beauty in the state of immortality. I am Jesus Christ, who rewards the body of my giant lovers with the grace of incorruptibility.

Listen, My son, the point of Everlasting Beauty is located at the Everlasting Pole. No human being will ever attain the level while living on earth. It is a reward I give to my lovers who are running towards perfection. But there is a point known as the Balance Point where the soul will just succeed in reforming and ratifying the flesh in its immaculate state as man was before his fall. This is what my Blood did for you and is still doing for you.

O! I have done my best for you. It remains only your will. I have no power over your will. Your will is your will. No one can take it away from you. If your will gathers the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the flesh will tend towards the will of the soul and you will attain the state of Everlasting Beauty. Only the beautiful being is worthy of the love of the Creator. When everything was beautiful in the beginning, lovers enjoyed love. But when man lost his beauty, weakness filled the earth. Lovers hate the Lover and persecute Him.

The True Lover is now looking for lovers to make friends with them again. You are my lovers; come and be my true friends. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who died on the Tree of Perfect Beauty, calling you to come and love.

Son, meditate on this lesson. Tomorrow, I will teach you more on the Balance Point and lead you gradually to the Garden of Perfect Beauty. This lesson will be clear and easy to understand for the little ones. Those who claim to be wise will gather nothing but confusion. Be little and learn.

So I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Immediately, the vision passed


Meditation/ Catholic Catechism:

Parable of the ten talents: St. Matts 25v14. Lesson: The need of vigilance and Christian prudence. Advantages must be utilized (Taken from Through Christ Our Lord, Our Quest for Happiness Book Two)