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DATE: 2ND JULY, 1997

TIME: 9:00 PM


In our second day of the first novena in the month of July, as we were having our Adoration Prayer before Mass, I saw in a vision a great number of people adoring the Holy Trinity in the cloud. They followed us as we prayed and bowed down to the Blessed Trinity. As I was watching, an Angel led me down to the world. When we reached there, he tapped the ground with his staff then the ground opened. I saw a great number of soldiers who are under the world. They marched around and worshiped the great Beast with seven heads, ten horns and fourteen hands and feet. I discovered that they were all marked with the number 666.

The Angel led me to the strong room and I saw a great computer set. Then, the Angel said, “Son of man, these people you see here are from every country of this world. They are chosen by the demon for the attack during the coming Persecution, the hour of the evil government. With the aid of this computer, all men will be marked. Pray now and get ready so as to endure till the end.”

Immediately, he took me by the hand and vanished. Then I saw the cloud open. There was the Sacred Head. He came close to me and said: “Children, pray much now that there is time. Soon this underground government will come out and rule this earth. With their computer, many people will be marked. All who receive the mark will be destroyed. At that time everything laid outside My Precious Blood will be lost. Anyone who calls on My Precious Blood will be filled with faith. Men will only find mercy in My Precious Blood. I say to you, My loving children, pray harder now. Teach others how to pray. Let all men consecrate themselves to My Precious Blood. I love you all, I bless you all”.

Immediately, the vision passed, I saw the vision of the great Beast again and shivered. Then I came back to myself. I was weak for some time but later recovered my strength.

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