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To the Contemporary Church[Confessions of Hell]A literal text of the revelations made by the demons Beelzebub, Judas Iscariot, Akabor, Allida, and Verobaduring a series of exorcisms' from 1975 to 1978 A translation from the French, by Nancy Knowles Smith, of the book 'Avertissements de l'Au'delà à l’Église Contemporaine – Aveux de l’Enfer’ by Jean Marty. The revelations have also been published in German by Bonaventure Meyer in Switzerland. Jean Marty's book in French is available from 'Les Editions Saint Raphael, 31 Ouest, rue King, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada J IH INS.


B: And then marriage. One cannot say: “Now that we are engaged, and will, in any case, be getting married, we can, to all intents and purposes, consider ourselves as married; and therefore, we can do and allow ourselves whatever we like. Are we not made for each other?” One cannot do that! Those up there (he points upward) do not want that.

Self-denial and sacrifices are necessary, until the day when one will approach the altar with his or her fiancé(e), to seal the union before a priest and before Those up there (again he points upward)... before the Church, and before everyone, before all the Angels and Saints... for one's whole life.

When people who live in a free union - we have had to say this before - have not learnt how to practice self-denial and to make sacrifices, they will be no more able to do that within marriage.

It often happens... that a protestant man and a catholic woman, or the other way around, come and say: “Father, what should we do? Is there no solution? We would very much like to be married in the Catholic church.” They still say that. If only they had reflected beforehand, that marriage with a Protestant constitutes danger. So they come, and the priest holds out his hands to them and says: “Yes, we have our way of doing that. You can both come to the Catholic Church. We will make it an ecumenical service.”

That pleases the people; they lap it up. The Protestants, in particular, say: “It was great for us to see something like that. It has done a lot for us.” Naturally, they do not see what a loss of graces and blessings the mixed marriage represents for the Catholic party. A good Catholic may not contract a protestant marriage. What will happen later on? The mother-in-law, the father-in-law, will assert themselves... and it will be very difficult for the Catholic partner to persevere.

Not to mention the fact that married life can often become very difficult, when the crosses will come unexpectedly and the husband and wife will have misunderstandings. If at those times, they do not share the same religion, or the same religious persuasion, that is an extra very heavy cross. Also, these things often give rise to arguments and irritations. Married life is often enough very rough.

We must say this in addition... She (he points upward) makes me say that everyone, before keeping company (going steady) (young men and young women alike), or when on the point of doing so, must without any delay, ask the prospective partner which religious persuasion he or she belongs to. If necessary, it must not go on; the

logical conclusion must be drawn: break it off as becomes a good Soldier of Christ.

E: Heaven does not want mixed marriages?

B: Heaven does not want mixed marriages. It tolerates them, but it doesn't like them.

E: I believe that these are the things you had to tell us about the Sacraments; now would the Most blessed Virgin like you to tell us anything more about them? In the name...!

B: The Sacrament of Marriage must be contracted with all possible seriousness. Many years ago, at Cana, Christ first of all prayed for that couple, he exhorted them and counseled them about the life they should lead. He had them enclosed within His Heart. He loved them very much.

People who are invited to a wedding should also have the intention of praying in a special way for the young couple. Every time there is a marriage, all the people involved in the wedding, parents and friends, should pray, nothing but pray, for the couple so that they may attain the highest place in their state of life, that they may fulfill their spousal duties until death separates them. The whole matter should be taken much more seriously than it is.

E: “Until death separates them?”, in the name of the Father...!


B: Marriage is not at all easy. We whisper to the Catholic priests: “You are missing out on a lot, if you remain faithful to celibacy; if you do not drink to the bottom of the cup of joy!” That is what we insinuate to the priests all the time, with so much insistence, so much perseverance, until the priest... It is enough then for a... We don't want to say anything, nothing at all.

E: A “dream woman”?

B: ...a “dream woman” comes prowling around the priest. That blasts the bottom out of the barrel... We whisper to them: “Don't say your breviary any more, it is a waste of time.” If they were still to say their breviary, these temptations would come less frequently. We know very well what actions to take...

E: So, the breviary should be said every day?

B: If all priests, without exception, were to devote one hour each day to their breviary, as used to be the case formerly, then we would have very little power. There would only be a few of them who would fall; but they would come back sooner as they would not be blinded to the point of marrying this “dream woman”. They would think about it well beforehand if they were to say their breviary every day (ironic laugh).

E: And the women who seduce priests?

B: Most of the time, they carry an even greater responsibility... they are well aware that this is a Catholic priest and what an abundance of blessings... we do not want to speak.

E: You must say what the Most Blessed Virgin wishes!

B: ... they know what an abundance of blessings the priest has, and how important his function is. That is why they should absolutely not prowl around him. These are grave sins, very grave, whose punishment will not be far away. Therefore, when these priests marry... many are almost immediately plunged into misfortune. We will put this idea into their heads, among others: “If you take this “dream woman”, you will have a share of Heaven!” E: A share of Heaven?

B: A share of Heaven. We cannot give Heaven in its completeness. That is not within our powers.

E: Not even to promise it?

B: Nobody would ever dare to promise it completely. But a share - that is what we trumpet into their ears. We put these ideas into their heads. Then we make one of these erotic fancies whirl all around him, and we tie up all the threads, until the barrel loses its bottom completely!

Then when he is already in a state of grave sin, the priest thinks... then we do not let him off so easily. We do everything to make him think: “It would be wonderful if we had children.” Then we whisper to him again: “Since you have gone so far, whatever else you may still do is of no consequence.” And they continue along the road of sin, until they are completely stuck in the mire, and can no longer either advance or retreat.

E: And they must be rescued?

B: And even then, they still imagine that everything will go well for them. This flighty - Excuse me - but this woman who has little enough character to pursue a priest will have no more character when married. Do you believe she has any virtues at all, that she is an angel of virtue? Then the mask drops; then the cloak falls away; Then one can see what lies underneath - nothing but filth and - we do not want to speak any more!

E: In the name of the Father...!

B: Many priests soon bitterly regret their actions and there are quarrels. Because the priest has studied theology and has been molded in a certain way, and as he is not a crude sort of person, most of the time he does not let himself get too involved in these quarrels. But what cannot be changed continues to screw him up, gnawing at his heart like a cankerworm. Many priests soon bitterly regret...

We must say this in addition: everything spiritual, everything which is concerned with higher things, with religion, with doing good, is as far above sensuality as Heaven is above the earth. That is what the Blessed Virgin makes me say. The flesh only lasts a short time, and then with... Ah! We do not want to speak!

E: With many miseries!

B: You have guessed it. Just think of the divorces, etc... We hold out bright prospects to them of a Heaven on earth. In reality, many will have a terrible mountain to climb. Sensuality is a tremendous distance below spirituality. If the priests could know what they are losing by giving in to themselves! They would tear out their hair, they would travel miles to escape from such a woman and to avoid the temptation.

God's grace is great and powerful, more universal and more exalted than all sensuality and all the pleasures of the world. Just think, about the legend of Venus and Tannhauser. Better Sermons would soon be found in that than those of many of today's priests. The profound repentance of this man would still be seen, and how he almost melted away with suffering for having taken himself off to be close to this Venus in the mountain. That would indeed be a better sermon than many actual sermons of today...

This is still valid today. The times have not changed. In Heaven time does not exist. It is an eternal NOW. All this is still valid today. All this still retains - in our place down below as well as up there (he points upward) - its full validity, although today's man believes he must have a much easier life, that one can sin as one likes... that he will no longer be held to account for it so rigorously. That is not the case in the sight of Heaven. They (he points upward) have quite a different idea, a different opinion, altogether.

E: Not: two heavens, one down here and one up there?

B: You have hit the nail on the head, you are absolutely right. Up there, They are of the opinion that Heaven should be merited through many crosses and self-denials. Priests and lay people must become aware of that again. Heaven, with all its sweetness and all its grandeur, can only be merited through heavy crosses, sacrifices, self-denials, and everything which puts restraints on, and runs counter to, one's own nature. But when it is merited, it brings an infinite beauty and dignity to all those who will have followed the narrow path.

June 18, 1977 (conclusion)


E: Say what you have to say, in the name of Jesus, of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and in the name of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar!

B: (He sighs) There is a book... it has already been on the market for a number of years. It is called (he moans): “The Lady of All Nations” We have claimed that it originated from a privileged soul, who, moreover, had suffered much. We mixed many good things into it, in particular about famine, war and catastrophes. The freemasons are not afraid to use the name of the Cross in order to harm the rest of the people. The Great Lady up there has never said that it was now necessary to accept the novelties, that it was necessary to go along with one's times, that Heaven wanted things so... The book comes from Amsterdam: read it right through once. The little picture that goes with it is displayed in many churches. On it these words appear: “Send now your Spirit etc...” and, at the end: “Deign, O lady of all Nations, who was formerly Mary, to be our Advocate”. This last sentence should give food for thought. “Who was formerly...” She is not that any more? We, together with the freemasons, turned that phrase. It was a great success for us. They have copied details in certain lives of the saints, thinking it necessary to finish it off with something analogous. But, at the same time, they have always laid stress on the Church that must draw nearer to Modernism. We have even succeeded in getting it published with an imprimatur. (He laughs) Ha! Ha! We have really “finished it off” with that! Besides, nearly always in the book, it speaks of “The Lady”, not “The Mother of God, or any other similar title. And on the picture: “Was formerly Mary”. Ha! Ha! “Was formerly”, for the Church which no longer believes in Her. For many, she was that once - for those who question her virginity, and do not want... there to be a Hell. We often mimic what you do for your Church. Often, too, we mimic the privileged souls. With our wise heads, we are successful in many things.

INTERPOLATED NOTE (French Edition) It will be noticed that, with several repetitions during the course of the Exorcism, the demon has denounced freemasonry as being responsible for the inspiration and the instigation of an anti-Catholicism as virulent as it is secret. This refers, in fact, to Occult High Masonry - a parallel hierarchy - whose membership and workings the freemasons themselves do not know, even if they sometimes suspect that it does exist. The Occult Power - which we also call: SYNARCHY, from the Greek: SYN = with, ARKHE = authority, that is to say: collegial government - is in the hands, at the worldwide summit of the pyramid, of a Supreme Council of nine members, in the bosom of which High Masons - private capitalists - and High Communists - State Capitalists - sit side by side, uniting their efforts in a single SATANIC hatred for God and for Christ, to wipe out Christianity: through bringing the Church under control, which is practically completed, thanks to the felonious prelates on the inside; and through the enslavement of the Sovereign Pontiff, which is in progress. Here, their goal is clear: to destroy Paul VI's will to resist, to bring him to the point of surrender; then the double would become superfluous. But Paul VI is not yielding. May our fervent prayers and our generous sacrifices sustain him untiringly in his appalling martyrdom.


That is why we maintain that Christians, who make use of the sterile as well as inauspicious weapon of diatribe, polemics and accusation against the Holy Father, Paul VI, instead of the Divine weapon of prayer and penance, and bringing help to him - particularly in distinguishing between his person and the deceptions of his entourage, often disguised behind his personal signature - are acting, in essence, as veritable tools for this Plot which has been hatched against Christ and His Church.


E: Was the publication of “Warnings from the Beyond” the wish of the Most Blessed Virgin? Answer, in the name...!

B: Yes, that is correct. When the Great Lady wants anything, She always gets there, through all obstacles. She maneuvers as much as is necessary, until She has obtained what She wants. In any case, They up there (he points upwards) have their own methods - we do not want to speak, we do not want to speak. We were tremendously joyful when we saw that things were not proceeding well for the book. We had hoped that the book would fall through without having seen the light of day. But this filthy, cheap rag has, in spite of everything, succeeded in breaking through. Ah, but only because They up there wanted it. If you look at things from the human viewpoint, this cheap rag would not have been successful. Alas! To think that this cheap rag had to come out! It is a terrible defeat for us. Ah, this cheap rag will end up driving us crazy!

(With the speed of lightning, Beelzebub pulls off the stole from one of the priests!)

E: The stole is mine, it doesn't belong to you. Continue in the name of the Most Blessed Virgin!


B: With what satanic pleasure would we pull of all the stoles...: take them down to Hell... and burn them! Can you imagine how we would dance with joy, if we could throw all the stoles and the headgear of all the priests and bishops into a heap and set fire to them? If only we were able to do that! We demons would set fire to them in every corner at the same time. That would produce a smoke in Hell which would rise right up to the earth. If that happened, we would have another of our celebrations!

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