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          Gethsemane Hour Prayer Guideline

          Gethsemane Hour Prayer Guideline


  • The Holy Rosary and Litany (Preferably sorrowful Mysteries). Pages 1-9.

  • Chaplet of the Precious Blood and Litany. Pages 10-24.

  • Consolation Prayers to the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Pages 25-31.

  • Adoration Prayers to The Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Pages 32-42.

  • Reparation Prayers to The Agonizing Jesus Christ (The Anguish Appeals). Pages 43-64.

  • The Mystical Prayers of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Pages 66-71.

  • Chaplet of Renewal (The Roses of the Glorious Reign). Pages 83 - 89.

  • The litany of the Saints. Pages 90-100 or Litany of the Holy Spirit. Pages 101-103.

  • Prayer for the new Israel. (To acknowledge the value of the price of their redemption) Pages 76-77.

  • Prayer for the Triumph of the Cross. Pages 78-79. 

  • Powerful invocation for protection. Page 77.

  • Exposition/Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament if the vigil is held inside the church or chapel.

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